Wellness Consultant . Yoga Teacher


Wellness Consultant . Yoga Teacher


I help successful, driven people to 'ReBalance', improve their health, manage stress, find greater joy and build a strong foundation for personalised growth. Together we utilise modern coaching techniques & ancient yogic practices to create bioindividual solutions.

My clients often pay the price of their success with stress, sleepless nights, weight gain or loss, poor digestion, poor muscle tone, washed-out skin, adult acne, acute or chronic health issues and many other stress & burn-out related symptoms: living & loving Hong Kong's fast-paced lifestyle but suffering as a result.  

Most of us have tried quick-fix diets & detoxes, but the 'band-aid response' temporarily covers up the real issues and we soon put weight back on, feel tired again and swing back to sugar highs & energy-depleted lows.  Nowadays there is a deluge of information available online, teaching us the newest solution to heal ourselves, but often we still feel confused and stuck. What truly works is a personalised solution based on YOU, paired with the long-term support, accountability and guidance provided by working with a professional, in order to create real, sustainable, lifetime results. I take the time to LISTEN to you, teaching you to do the same, so together we make my services obsolete as you re-learn how to read and respond to your own body and mind.

As my client, you will learn to 'ReBalance'

  • your body
  • your cravings
  • your digestion
  • your life
  • your mind
  • your future

'ReBalance' work-life, family-life, your-life to be a radiant, healthful, happy YOU!

Is it really possible that one conversation could change your life? Contact me



After many years of personal practice, I hadn't planned to become a yoga teacher until I was asked the question, "how can you not share what has changed your life?" And so now I do, happily, and with absolute respect for this ancient practice. My classes combine a rich tapestry of guided meditation, stress-busting breath work and mindful physical practice, to strengthen, empower, detoxify, purify and cleanse your body, mind & spirit. I honour the traditions of the lineages through my incredible teachers and I will forever be a student, but I hope to share with you my sincere passion for these dynamic, transformative practices.

Are you ready to be a beginner? Do you want to learn more about how yoga can heal? Or to refine your existing practice? 

Contact me to find out how yoga can ReBalance YOUR life.


  • Groups - Small, personal classes for all levels
  • Private - Yoga for YOUR body
  • Workshops - 'ReBalance your Life' & 'Do you Breathe?'
  • Corporate - 'Breath for Stress' & 'Breath for Success'

Coaching inspired by yoga. Yoga inspired by life.

Coaching inspired by yoga. Yoga inspired by life.